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Mothers’ Union Barbados, concerned at the high incidences of HIV/AIDS in the country, is developing strategies to reach young people with awareness-raising health education and messaging on changing lifestyles to decrease the incidence rate.

A conference was held to reflect on and seek to understand the implications of the HIV epidemic and the Christian call to respond with compassion; to guide congregations and communities through a process of learning and change, leading to practical church-based actions to help individuals, families and communities reduce the spread of HIV; and to establish a ministry for persons living with HIV.

Mothers’ Union Barbados members reach out to individuals and families within their own communities through a number of different outreach programmes. These include a hospital ministry, the Mothers’ Union Worldwide Parenting Programme, Cradle Roll Ministry, skills training, homework programmes, counselling services, and workshops and seminars to educate young parents.

Members run feeding programmes including the Breakfast Programme, launched in 2007, which serves breakfast for disadvantaged school children who would otherwise start the day with empty stomachs.

Mothers’ Union Barbados members have also been involved in and fundraised for a breast screening programme, Family Care Group, and disaster appeals.

Mothers’ Union members: 2,500