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Climate change is a real concern for Belizeans with the country being susceptible to hurricanes and powerful storms. In October 2010 Hurricane Richard battered Belize causing widespread damage to public buildings, homes and to agriculture. Churches were also damaged and the cathedral – home to the Mothers’ Union office - was flooded.

Family life in Belize can be a struggle for some with the number of single-headed households rising and large numbers of the population affected by poverty. According to the Rural Poverty Portal, almost 40 per cent of all children aged 17 and younger live in poverty, and the proportion is even higher in rural areas and among certain ethnic groups.

The Mothers’ Union in Belize play a crucial role in supporting family life with a number of outreach and empowerment programmes, including the Mothers’ Union Worldwide Parenting Programme.

Mothers’ Union in Belize are working with women at grassroots level to identify local issues that contribute to the escalating cases of violence against women and children, especially girls, in the country. They are also tackling the underachievement of boys in school compared with girls by organising activities that help build up their self esteem.

Mothers' Union are also involved in preparing meals for a school feeding programme at a local school, and delivering hot meals to the elderly in their homes and in special care homes.


Mothers’ Union members: 75