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Mothers’ Union has been active in Canada for over 125 years. Members are involved in a wide range of community activities including marriage and baptism preparation; helping at soup kitchens; working with Mission to Seafarers to provide supplies such as toiletries, stamps, and telephone cards for the seafarers; providing baskets at Christmas time for families who have lost a loved one during the year; story bags at the back of church for young children; and providing hampers of food and other necessities for individuals and families at various times during the year.

One of the ongoing projects of Mothers’ Union Canada is the Northern Clergy Families Fund. The project was started in 1974 to help isolated clergy spouses serving in the northern part of Canada. The recipients often tell in their thank you letters about the hardships of living in the north (or living in an isolated area) due to factors such as the weather and high cost of living. They often also mention how the support from Mothers’ Union was an answer to prayer.

In British Columbia Mothers’ Union members are involved in providing support to a mobile drop-in bus for teens, and also organising baby showers and baby supplies for a local pregnancy care centre.

Mothers’ Union also has a presence in Inuvik in the Arctic. The Church in the Arctic covers an area of some four million square kilometres - one third the area of Canada and fifteen times the area of the United Kingdom. It has over 10 language groups, as well as 3 dialects of the Inuit people including Gwichin, Dogrib, North and South Slavey, Cree, English and French. Mothers’ Union work there continues to grow and to reach out to families across this vast area. There are many challenges to family life in the North of Canada, but Mothers’ Union is at the heart of the community working to address these.

Mothers’ Union Canada has been running the Mothers’ Union Worldwide Parenting Programme since 2008 in various parts of the country. The programme continues to go from strength to strength with excellent facilitators who are motivated and committed. Hundreds of families have already benefited from the programme in Canada, and in 2013 the programme will expand to new areas so that more families can participate.

Mothers’ Union members: 658