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Mothers’ Union Europe is unique. Not covering Europe as a whole (there are separate structures for Mothers’ Union in the UK and Ireland) Mothers’ Union Europe does however encompass a wide geographical spread of countries including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Italy, Malta and Gozo, Netherlands, Portugal and Madeira, Spain and the Canary Islands, and Switzerland.

Mothers’ Union Europe members come from many different lands with their own cultures and languages but all are united by their Christian faith. Members are particularly concerned with supporting families within their community and, although the needs vary from place to place, each Mothers’ Union group is involved in some practical help within their local area.

The Mothers’ Union group in France has run a very successful Away From It All (AFIA) holiday for the past two years, being responsible for all the fundraising and support. One mother that benefitted from a holiday in 2011 spoke of how this had helped them as a family: ‘My husband went fishing, which he has not done for many years, and our disabled daughter was more animated than we can remember. She ate and slept better than she would at home and seems happier for the experience.’

One of the Mothers’ Union groups in Spain runs a very successful bereavement group. Other Mothers’ Union groups in Europe have engaged in work to support immigrant families, orphans and the homeless, provide teddies for children affected by trauma and clothing for premature babies, and some work with their church families in helping with baptisms.

Mothers’ Union members: 200