Jamaica & the Cayman Islands

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Jamaica & the Cayman Islands

Mothers’ Union Jamaica continue their commitment to building strong family relationships through the Mothers’ Union Parenting Programme. As one of the parenting group members commented: “This course couldn’t come at a better time for me. Parental skills, we weren’t born with it, and so being a single parent, child rearing can be very burdensome and difficult at times. As I begin to see things differently, I now find it much easier to deal with my children, am more open and willing to talk with my teenagers and it is so much fun to play with the smaller ones, I am a mother of five boys. The parenting group is about parent helping parent and so together definitely we will achieve our goal as parents and make the world a safer and better world for our children!”

Other Mothers’ Union projects in Jamaica supporting family life include daycare centres, literacy classes, youth groups, health clinics, craft work, baptism preparation, helping teenage mothers, counselling, prayer groups, and Bible study. Many members also visit the sick at home and in hospital. 

Following Storm Sandy, which battered communities across Jamaica in October 2012, Mothers’ Union members, some of whom themselves had homes destroyed or were left without electricity, have been active in gathering together and distributing items to affected families.

Mothers' Union members: 4,000