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Mozambique, in Southern Africa, has been acknowledged to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However in recent years the economy has suffered some serious setbacks as a result of the country being hit firstly by severe floods which affected about a quarter of the population, and then by drought.


Mothers’ Union Mozambique are very active in trying to improve the lives of those around them through caring for the elderly, agricultural provision, initiating income generation activities and/or training in Micro credit, prison work, orphan support and health education such as HIV/AIDS support and visiting the sick.  


Some of the most dramatic stories of change are happening as Mothers’ Union here bring people out of poverty through income generation schemes. An unemployed family in one community had almost nothing to live on each day,  their children could not attend school and they lived in a thatched cottage which was in bad condition. Mothers’ Union supported the family by giving them access to a local micro-credit system, known as Xitique. The family were loaned a small amount of money which they then used to start up a small business. This has done well and the family’s income, standard of living and happiness have all improved. 


Mothers’ Union has a rapidly growing membership in Mozambique, with 4,120 members. Mothers’ Union members and community development coordinators work alongside the Anglican Church to ensure ongoing support for key projects to alleviate poverty in communities across the country: projects such as small animal husbandry - provision of hens, chickens and goats to families to enable them to improve their diets and create an additional income; sewing and tailoring projects; and bakery projects. Alongside income generation projects Mothers' Union has initiated, through the coordination of the Mothers’ Union community development coordinators, provision of services such as child-care, HIV/AIDS health education and care, and the establishment of schools near local churches. 


In Niassa, at community level Mothers’ Union works alongside the Muslim Women’s group on issues such as parenting and orphan care and carry out visits together to women in the community to discuss these issues. An estimated number of 10 home visits per group per week are carried out by the Mothers’ Union members and the Muslim Women’s group – meaning that overall the women make 500 visits per week to local families. 


MU members: 4120