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Mothers’ Union started in Myanmar in 1914 and has flourished since then focusing on projects to fulfil the needs of individuals, families and communities. Mothers’ Union Myanmar is very active and self-funds all of the local projects and outreach activities.

Mothers’ Union Myanmar recognises the country faces challenges in insufficient income for families and the struggles of daily life. The lack of knowledge on education, health and poverty issues affects families facing social and economic problems, and they also face challenges in accessing schools and health clinics in rural communities.

Despite these challenges, Mothers’ Union Myanmar carries out a number of grassroots projects to support communities. There is a strong microcredit program among Mothers’ Union members with various workshops on overcoming poverty issues. Additionally, training on gender awareness, environmental issues and building capacity are provided.

Mothers’ Union Myanmar has introduced an income generating project to some members as well as three nursery schools in areas of extreme hardship with support from Mothers’ Union Australia. Other projects include the clergy’s widow endowment fund, Home for the Aged, self-help groups and the Early Child Care Development programme.

Mothers’ Union Myanmar has made a significant difference to people’s lives and the beneficiaries from these grassroots projects are women, families and the wider local communities.

Mothers’ Union members: 8,726