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Mothers' Union Namibia is a vibrant organisation carrying out a range of activities to support family life. Members are involved in a wide variety of different projects and activities that meet the needs within their community. 

These include income generating sewing and handicraft projects for women to enable them to support their families. The projects also help support other Mothers' Union Namibia outreach projects such as a soup kitchen and feeding programme for orphans and vulnerable people.

Mothers' Union Namibia are also encouraging people to plant vegetable gardens as an income generating project as well as a way of improving nutrition in the community.

Working with the government, Mothers’ Union Nambia run an HIV programme which raises awareness of the disease and trains home-based carers.

Groups of Mothers' Union Namibia members also form outreach teams who regularly visit prisons, the bereaved and the sick. Members take gifts for the individuals and their families and sit, talk, and pray with them.

Mothers' Union members: 2,020