Solomon Islands

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Solomon Islands

Mothers’ Union is very active in the Solomon Islands, with many members taking an active part in the provision of services within communities which strengthen family life, and in promoting Christian values.   The Parenting Programme  has been run by members here for four years. Working across scattered communities presents enormous challenges, yet over 448 parents have now benefited from attending groups and report improved relationships and a reduction in aggressive behaviour from children as a result. Over the next four years the programme will extend to new areas.

High illiteracy rates also hamper the efforts of families to earn a wage. This is particularly true for women. Mothers’ Union run over 80 adult literacy classes across the country – often in conjunction with the local authorities or with the local church. The programme has been particularly effective in improving the lives of women and young people in rural communities.

Solomon Islands plays a very active role in the Girls Friendly Society, which was restarted in the Solomon Islands by Mothers' Union in 2005. Mothers' Union members regularly hold workshops and seminars for the girls on adolescence, personal development and sexual reproductive health as well as offering skills training.

Mothers’ Union diocesan president for Ysabel Province (there are nine government provinces in Solomon Islands – these are the administrative areas of local government rather than those of the Anglican Communion) Moira Dasipio has made it her mission to help her local community in the Solomon Islands. Without literacy or materials in their own language they often struggle to make informed decisions about their future and the use of the resources God has blessed their islands with. In the past the rights to environmental resources: tropical forest woods, gold, nickel etc, have been given away by the local people to huge companies simply through a lack of knowledge about their value. Moira is determined to ensure that the resources are managed and the environment preserved for future generations. She and Mothers’ Union have raised awareness in communities about the detrimental effects of mining and logging on their land, and how they can ensure future generations keep the land and are able to make the best of their resources. Over 3,000 people have been made aware of the potential impact of heavy mining and de-forestation and of signing away their land rights. For her work Moira was awarded the Coral Triangle Initiative Award for 2014.

Mothers’ Union members: 16,500