South Africa

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South Africa

Mothers' Union South Africa is active in visiting prisons and have a particularly concern for the welfare of children born in prison. Other projects include soup kitchens, tree planting and environmental protection, planting community vegetable gardens where vulnerable families can grow their own food, teaching women about nutrition and exercise, marriage preparation, and caring for orphans, the elderly and those living with HIV/AIDs.

Within Free State, Mothers’ Union groups have established two day care centres for children from local families as well as orphans and other vulnerable children. Botshebelo, where one of the day care centres is located, is one of the biggest settlements in South Africa.

Mothers’ Union Johannesburg members have been teaching other women skills in candle, bath salts and cushion making as small income generating projects. Fifty-seven women are currently involved and money from sales funds other Mothers’ Union work in the community which supports vulnerable children. Each woman also receives a percentage of the sales to support her own family. Mothers’ Union Johannesburg members are also encouraging women to plant small vegetable gardens around their houses, using an old tyre and filling it with earth and fertiliser. 

Mothers' Union members in South Africa are also active in advocacy and campaigning. In recent years this has been focussed around human trafficking, the rights of the child, and gender-based violence. Mothers’ Union members from across the country have organised public rallies and marches and also protested vocally against the government’s proposal to legalise prostitution. Following this action Mothers' Union Grahamstown now hope to develop and launch a support programme for individuals affected by trafficking.

Mothers’ Union members: 62,300