South Sudan

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South Sudan

Mothers’ Union members: 20,000 

Mothers' Union members across South Sudan have a strong mission to bring peace and reconciliation to communities, particularly in areas of disputed land rights, with returning refugees, and displaced people. They achieve this by bringing together women for fellowship, counseling and education resulting in whole communities working together for a better future.

Mothers’ Union South Sudan work closely with other organisations and faith groups and initiated an Interfaith Workshop in the turbulent Jonglei State. The workshop explored issues around gender-based violence, women in society, homeless children, human rights, food security, health, and peace and reconciliation. The stories shared from the workshop showed that many women of all faiths and none shared the same pain and suffering.

The Mothers' Union Literacy and Financial Education Programme are also playing a crucial role in educating and empowering. Across five regions in South Sudan literacy circles are providing an opportunity for men and women (on average 79 percent of group attendees are women) to learn to read, write and count.  It also has an end goal of encouraging 3,000 women to take on leadership roles.  The programme is making a huge impact on the lives of families living in poverty in South Sudan, and helping overcome years of marginalisation for women and girls.

There is currently great crisis in South Sudan due to civil war and Mothers’ Union have launched an South Sudan Emergency Relief project to – you can find out more here