Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

Mothers’ Union Sri Lanka started in 1908. There are currently 40 Mothers' Union groups including in the north and east of the island where communities have been badly affected by conflict and fighting.

Mothers’ Union groups are involved within their local communities offering awareness and counselling programmes, and sewing projects particularly aimed at empowering widows with skills to be able to support themselves and their families. One Mothers’ Union group has started a medical clinic while others offer literacy classes and support for teacher training. Mothers’ Union Sri Lanka members also spend a great deal of time in fellowship and prayer which underpins all that is done practically for those around them.

Community outreach projects include distributing toiletries to women in prison, running children’s crèches, supporting the Blind Elders Home at Ambalanthota and the Skills Development Centre for the Blind in Anuradhapura. A ‘Pola Project’(Open Market) is also in progress to improve local living conditions and provide shelter to the less fortunate. Mothers’ Union Sri Lanka members are also active in campaigning and advocacy with a particular focus on children’s rights.

The Church of Ceylon Mothers Union (CCMU) celebrates Founders Day each year in August, remembering Mary Sumner and recognising the work of Mothers’ Union in Sri Lanka through times of peace as well as times of conflict. Family relationships have been restored and nurtured in fragmented and strained communities as a result of the activities and outreach of Mothers’ Union Sri Lanka.

Mothers Union members: 1,300