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Drug abuse, alcoholism and gambling are big problems for families in the region and health issues such as malaria, tuberculosis, dengue fever and HIV are also now serious threats. There have also been cholera outbreaks almost every rainy season for the last few years.

Adult illiteracy is also a major problem and many of the women and parents in the area have no regular jobs, or earn a very low wage doing odd jobs. Provision of child care and an education is an important way of helping these families achieve more stability. Mothers' Union in Thailand run an Education Development Programme, with three Mothers' Union Nursery schools situated in remote locations. In these locations there are few other groups operating and so the care, support and work of Mothers' Union is very much needed. The Mothers' Union sewing project started in 2009 continues to do well, empowering local women with skills in sewing and tailoring and helping them to generate an income to support themselves and their families.

Within Thailand Mothers’ Union currently has eight groups, with over 450 members. Regular Mothers' Union activities include weekly Mothers' Union worship services and meetings, supporting and taking care of orphan children, group Bible study, primary health care training programmes, visitations to the sick, the poor and to families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Mothers’ Union groups in the remote areas have also begun income generation projects to help lift local families out of poverty. Alongside pig-rearing the groups have also introduced traditional weaving in order to increase their income potential – weaving may be back-breaking work but it can be quicker than raising a piglet to market weight!