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Mothers’ Union Vanuatu is working closely with the government and other national organisations to tackle gender based violence and raise awareness of the new Family Protection Act which deals directly with violence in the family home.

A regular outreach activity for Mothers' Union Vanuatu is visiting local hospitals and health clinics. Members take with them gifts of food and soap for the patients, and spend time talking and praying with them. They particularly support young girls who have just given birth and who often feel scared and apprehensive about their new role as a mother. 

Mothers’ Union Vanuatu members are also involved in providing health education and income generating projects, such as weaving and sewing, in villages. They also run savings groups, parents’ groups and give literacy education in some areas. 

As a dioceses members are committed to strengthening the institution of marriage and family life through teaching and prayer and worship within the home. They run regular home fellowship and prayer meetings, Bible studies and outreach programmes. 

Mothers’ Union members: 1,139