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In 2010, Mothers’ Union Zambia focussed on how to reduce the instance of malaria in pregnant women in order to reduce the rate of maternal and infant mortality. Members interacted with women in the community to raise awareness and encouraged them to work with local authorities to clear places that bred mosquitoes.

Members also encouraged people to get tested for malaria and advised them about medication and the importance of finishing their full course of treatment. Mothers’ Union Zambia partnered with World Vision to carry out joint training and distribution of mosquito nets to communities. Work was simultaneously done advising mothers about mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

In 2011, the project was extended and the Mothers’ Union Community-based Malaria Initiative was created. Its aim is to contribute to the reduction of malaria in ten districts with a population of 300,000.

Mothers’ Union members in Lusaka organise a feeding programme in one of the capitals’ poorest communities. Twice a day they feed over 100 children, most of whom are AIDS orphans. The women fundraise to buy food supplies which they prepare in the church.

Mothers’ Union in Luapula and in Lusaka run a project where over 100 people have been trained as caregivers to support those living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Other Mothers’ Union projects in Zambia include a mushroom growing farm used as a means of increasing nutrition levels in rural communities and also providing an income to families. Members are also very active in training community birth attendants to equip women, particularly in rural areas far from hospitals and medical centres, with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out safe home births and to pass on knowledge about HIV/AIDS, health and hygiene.

Mothers’ Union members: 12,400