Prayers for Myanmar

Mothers’ Union Central Office is in contact with both Mothers' Union Provincial Office and the Anglican Church of Myanmar to help support them and the relief teams in their efforts. We are also working with the wider Anglican Communion to establish what relief is needed and where it will be best placed. Until then we ask you to join with us and answer Archbishop Stephen’s request for prayer;

My dear brothers and sisters from the Anglican Communion,

Please pray for Myanmar and the Province of Myanmar which is badly affected by the heavy flood. Within two weeks the flood will cover almost all states and divisions in Myanmar. This flood reminds me of the catastrophe affected by Cyclone Nargis in 2008. We need your prayers and support.


“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” Psalm 46 vs. 9  


Please pray for the following:

  • We pray that in this time of trouble and devastation the people of Myanmar will feel the peace of God’s presence with them
  • We pray for all families that have been affected by the flooding. We pray that the waters will dissipate as soon as possible and that the damage left behind will not be as bad as feared.
  • We pray for Archbishop Primate of the province of Myanmar, Most Rev. Stephen Than Myint Oo, Nan Myint Yee, his wife and Mothers’ Union Provincial President in Myanmar and Cynthia Yin Yin Maw,
  • Mothers Union CDC as they make contact with those in the affected areas, support Mothers’ Union members and consider how to respond to the disaster 
  • We pray for the Relief Committee and the diocese relief team as they aid the affected areas. We pray that they will able to reach all those in need and reassure those who need comfort. We pray that you will keep them safe and grant them safe passage as they enter areas still affected by the floods.
  • We pray that you will help relief workers have wisdom and clarity in assessing need.
  • We pray for all those waiting to hear if their families are safe and we pray that lines of communication are opened
  • We pray for comfort for all those who have lost loved ones and their homes in this bleak time. May they know the gentle touch of our Lord at this time and in the times ahead
  • We pray for the 8,726 members of Mothers’ Union in Myanmar; that their needs will be met and that they will bring comfort and support to those around them. We thank God for all the life-changing work that the Mothers’ Union there have achieved and for all that they will achieve in the future.


We share with you a prayer from the Christian Conference of Asia


Lord and creator of this beautiful earth which we so lovingly call our home, You who have given us our forests and our trees, our gardens and our flowers, our farms and our livelihood, we praise and worship you.

Lord who created the seasons and the rain, the wind and the storm, we praise and worship you.

At this moment when we are overwhelmed by nature’s fury, we beg you as your disciples did, to reach out your hands and calm the elements, that we your children will be spared the ravages of nature.

May your outstretched hands bring relief and comfort to the people in Myanmar who are facing untold troubles due to floods, suddenly finding themselves alone, poor and hungry, without a roof above their heads.

In every situation Lord we know that you will be our help and our refuge, our rock and our shield.

In Jesus name we pray,