Wave of Prayer

Mothers’ Union expresses its Christian identity through its life of prayer and worship. It is this spiritual life together which underpins our work with families and communities. Every day a wave of prayer goes around the world as members stop and pray in the middle of the day to pray for the work of Mothers’ Union and international issues. These daily prayers follow an annual pattern which means that every Mothers’ Union region is prayed for at least once during the year.

Please join us in prayer for Mothers’ Union’s work around the world. Below is a calendar for this month with the places we are asking for prayers for. You can also find our prayers daily on Twitter @mothersunion

Every Monday to Friday prayers are said at Noon (12.00 pm) in the chapel of Mary Sumner House in Westminster, London. These are open to all, whether staff or visitors. Do join us when visiting the city.

Download this month's prayers in a Word document and view next month's prayers

Wave of Prayer

Lord, we pray for the flourishing of
Mothers’ Union worldwide.
Today we pray for the people and work of:



1 - 2 SeptHarare in Zimbabwe; Machakos in Kenya; Ogori-Magongo & Ekiti in Nigeria; Southwark in England and Phulbani in India
3 - 5  Khartoum in Sudan; Dar es Salaam in Tanzania; Bari & Ilesa in Nigeria; Gloucester in England and Dugapur in India
6Mothers' Union worldwide
7 - 9Pacong in South Sudan; Southern Nyanza in Kenya; Kutigi & Ijesha North in Nigeria; Bristol in England and Karnataka Central in India
10 - 12Pretoria in South Africa; North Mbale in Uganda; Oke-Osun in Nigeria; Exeter in England and Barbados
13Mothers' Union worldwide  
14 - 16Mthatha in South Africa; Namirembe in Uganda; Pankshin & Sabongidda-Ora in Nigeria; Dublin & Glendalough in All Ireland and Central Solomons in Solomon Islands
17 - 19Buye in Burundi; Sebei in Uganda; Abakaliki & Ekiti-Oke in Nigeria; Southwell & Nottingham in England and Belize
20Mothers' Union worldwide
21 - 23Rumbek in South Sudan; Soroti in Uganda; Aba Ngwa North & Oyo in Nigeria; Peterborough in England and North Eastern Caribbean & Aruba
24 - 26Makamba in Burundi; North Karamoja in Uganda; Lokoja & Sapele in Nigeria; Truro in England and Tirunelveli in India
27Mothers' Union worldwide
28 - 30Katanga in DR Congo; Rwenzori in Uganda; Mbaise & Egba in Nigeria; Meath & Kildare in All Ireland and Tiruchirappalli Thanjavur in India