Here you will find answers to the most common questions about running a branch:

How can I contact my local diocesan office?

Please contact us

I would like to know when my branch started. Can central Mothers’ Union help?

Unfortunately we do not hold records for individual branches. If you are unable to find records within your parish then please contact your diocese who may be able to give you more information. Lambeth Palace Library also hold some Mothers’ Union records (contact archives@churchofengland.org or +44(0)20 7898 1400).

I would like to start a new branch. What are the requirements for this?

Your local diocese will be able to help you set up a new branch and provide you with all the relevant information.

How can I find out more about how branches are run?

Each Mothers’ Union diocese is a separate charity and has its own constitution so rules and regulations may vary. Therefore please contact your Mothers’ Union diocesan office for more information. You can also refer to the Mothers’ Union constitution.

Do you have any good ideas for branch meetings?

Please look at our Branch Ideas – this page will be updated regularly with new ideas so please remember to check back in the future. Inspired enables members and friends of Mothers’ Union to share with each other great ideas about how to reach out to those around us. It is good to bear in mind that branch meetings should uphold the aims and objectives of Mothers' Union.

Can you provide any useful resources to help me and my branch publicise Mothers’ Union/ publicise an event/ recruit new members?

Please see How to Promote Mothers' Union.

What input does an Incumbent/ Priest in Charge have in the running of the branch in their parish?

There should be constant dialogue between priest and branch. Please refer to your Mothers’ Union diocesan constitution for the exact stance of your Mothers’ Union diocese on this issue.

My branch would like to have a new banner made. Can you recommend a company to do this?

We do not endorse any one particular company. Your Mothers’ Union diocesan office may know of a good company that is local to you.

I have received a pack of resources for my branch but I am not branch leader. Why is this?

We are very sorry about this. Please let us know who we should send the pack to in future and pass it onto them. Whilst we are constantly trying to improve our records, sometimes they are not up to date. In the case where we have not been notified of a new leader, an old branch leader may be sent a pack instead. In the case where we do not have a branch leader listed we will send a pack to a branch member. This is to make sure that every branch is resourced by central Mothers’ Union as much as possible.