MULOA - Africa Workshop

Over four days in November our MULOA workshop brought together leaders from across Africa, some of whom will either facilitate MULOA directly at Diocesan level or train others at Provincial level. The desired outcomes were for every participant to: gain a shared understanding of how Mothers’ Union makes a difference in people’s lives; be closer to God and to each other; be more effective at making a difference in their own church and community; and to be equipped to take MULOA forward and facilitate similar or adapted MULOA experiences for other groups. 

The first half day of the workshop introduced MULOA and enabled participants to connect with one another and God. The next three and a half days took people through a MULOA experience: sharing learning, creating a working framework and making individual commitments to action. On the final day participants made concrete plans for taking MULOA forward. Participatory exercises enabled everyone to contribute in a variety of group sizes and composition; but key MULOA exercises took place in a ‘family group’ that involved a mix of people.

Catalytic ideas emerged about the way in which Mothers’ Union works most effectively across Africa,

•The importance of actively seeking the most marginalised and repenting for where Mothers’ Union or the church have judged and excluded people;

•Equipping others to recognise and develop what they have already

•Really listening and identifying the exact problem – “finding the bee that stings” (a Malawian proverb that emphasises the importance of identifying priority issues)

•Mothers’ Union’s unique position to confront very sensitive issues, in this case, gender-based

The vulnerability and honesty with which participants shared and engaged in every exercise built a strong foundation of unity and partnership. Participants left excited, hopeful and trusting that God would use them and the MU, if we “humble ourselves and seek his face…” 2 Chronicles 7:14.