MULOA - Britain & Ireland Pilot Workshop

This workshop initiated the pilot for the MULOA process in Britain and Ireland, bringing together leaders from three dioceses, Birmingham, Carlisle and Newcastle, with staff from Mary Sumner House.  

The workshop ran from Tuesday afternoon to Thursday evening, a day shorter than in the Americas regional meeting in September 2017 – and than it will be for the rest of Britain and Ireland in February 2018. The first day focused on understanding the MULOA process and connecting to God and Mothers’ Union’s calling. The second gave participants an experience of the MULOA process, exploring how Mothers’ Union could be most effective in their work. The third culminated in everyone making a commitment for their own work as well as a concrete action plan to take MULOA forward. 

Within ‘family groups’, each participant shared and then gave a pictorial representation of a story where they saw Mothers’ Union touching the lives of others, drawing out who was being helped and the change that was created in people’s lives. 

Participants remained engaged throughout, participating in each exercise honestly and enthusiastically. Despite some natural apprehensions throughout the workshop about whether they would be fully equipped to take MULOA forward, they remained very committed to the process and were keen to collaborate and share ideas. By the second day, participants already expressed growing confidence and understanding of the process: 

“I feel that we really are getting somewhere.”

“We all seem to be on the same wavelength.”

By the end, participants felt encouraged, enabled and confident to take the next steps!